Interior view showing Bedroom and Shower

Flinders Bay, Western Australia - 2015

The restoration of a 100 year old Jarrah boat shed was undertaken as part of the construction of the Augusta Beach House and saw the conversion of the old shed into a dedicated guest suite. The original shed had resisted Flinders Bay's harsh coastal environment, but had deteriorated considerably. To achieve the marticulous restoration, the original shed was dismantled and transported into an enclosed factory in Bibra Lake where it was lovingly restored before being transported back to it's original location.
Shed in original condition Shed being craned into position
All the original jarrah timber was water blasted and restored back to it's original condition. The original asbestos roof was removed and replaced with a slate roof that maintained the original flat appearance. A new entry door was cut into the rear of the shed to allow access, and a fixed sheet of glass was installed behind the original double doors. The double doors were fitted with electric actuators so that the doors could act as shutters, and be operated from the bed. The inside of the shed was insulated and lined in painted tounge and groove. The original floor was maintained complete with marks and ocasional paint splashes.
External View of Shed   Internal view showing frosted glazing and shutter actuators
All the original hinges and fittings have now been replicated in marine grade stainless steel to prevent further deterioration in the harsh marine environment. All flashings have been made from copper as has the entry door handle which was fashioned by the owner. A small stained glass window has been added to the shed to help aid air flow through the suite. The window was taken from the owner's previous home in Perth and acts as a small connection to the owner's own history.
Stainless steel hinge detail   Shed in the Bibra Lake factory