Interior and exterior perspectives

Kwinana, Western Australia - 2015

Andrew T Boyne Architect has worked with Vikal Modular to develop a series of small transportable dwellings that can be craned into the rear of existing properties and which can function as stand-alone seperate dwellings. Because these sort of dwellings are usually placed against walls or fences the dwellings have been designed with a single aspect which includes large windows and danpalon highlights which help to flood the interior with light. Each dwelling uses durable materials, and capitalises on the skills available at Vikal Modular to achieve a very high level of finish.
Kitchen Small Residence in Bibra Lake factory
These transportable dwellings are fully wired and plumbed prior to trucking and require only service hook-up when positioned on site. When an owner no longer needs a second small dwelling on their property the dwelling can be easily un-hooked from the site services and sold on to another user. This approach provides owners have improved flexibility and the ability to re-assess their properties without demolishing the small dwelling. Overall, if the dwelling is sold on, the capital outlay for providing added accommodation on an existing property is greatly reduced.
Kitchen Small Residence in Bibra Lake factory