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Scherger/Kolberg Residence - 2005
Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Scherger/Kolberg residence sits at the foot of the Sandia Mountains and has sweeping views of the city of Albuquerque. The house utilizes the bridge formation that is a reoccurrence in Prince’s designs, but anchors the bridge more strongly to the ground than any other example I have seen. Textured radial concrete block walls seem to grow from the earth to hold the bridge and define the different spaces. The bridge format allows for a linear circulation path which revolves around a single point to create a semi-enclosed external courtyard. The entrance to the house is via a walkway that meanders through native vegetation, around the house and through the central courtyard, where a ramp then rise from the courtyard into the main living space.

The material choices are relatively restrained, but reflect the colours and textures of the desert. The continuation of these materials through the glazing helps to dissolve the special spatial barriers of the house. The timber framing that runs beneath the ceilings, and is apparent on the interior of the home, extends through the glazing and out above the courtyard. The framing members of each room form a triangle that points toward the house’s center point. By using glass in a clearstory fashion, and by separating the roof planes from the concrete block walls, the roofs appear to be very light, giving the impression of an almost tent like structure.

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