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Annunciation Greek Orthodox Church - 1956
9400 W Congress St, Wautwatosa, Wisconsin

The Greek Orthodox Church by Wright is a confronting building. It is sited on a vast field of mown grass in suburban Milwaukee, effectively isolating it from the context around it. It has a squat almost alien presence, yet on its site felt surprisingly natural. The ground floor plan takes up the shape of a Greek Cross with seating extending into the arms of the cross. On the second floor, seating is circular which gives the building its round shape. The building feels heavy and elemental. The inside is remarkably restrained, with brass tube rails and royal blue fittings providing the embellishments. While the building may appear to cut people off from the world, it actually lets in a lot of light through the ample stained glass and the domed porthole type windows that seem to make the domed ceiling appear to float. I was particularly impressed by the way the light seemed to pour through these seemingly small openings and wash the domed ceiling with a consistent glow.

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